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Click here to ensure you are aware of our COVID terms and conditions 

When will driving lessons resume?

Driving lessons and test resumed on the 4th of July and ceased again in England on the 5th of November. Driving lessons and tests are currently expected to resume on the 3rd of December after the lockdown has ended.  Our instructors in Hereford are still allowed to travel into Wales to train Welsh Pupils.

Can I practice with my parents during lockdown?

Unlike the first lockdown, you can as long you are driving for one of the permitted reasons – i.e. essential journey, to and from work or school, etc.

What precautions against COVID will you and the examiners be taking?

Please bring a face covering to your lesson, our instructors will be wearing a face mask. You will also need to wear a mask on your driving test.

Please wash your hands before and after each lesson. Your instructor will also ask you to use hand sanitizer provided by us at the start of the lesson.

Your instructor will be cleaning all vehicle contact points  at the start and end of every lesson.

Some instructors may use a non-contact infra-red thermometer to check your temperature at the start of a lesson

We will ask if you’ve had any symptoms or been in contact with anyone with any symptoms. The lesson will not go ahead if this is the case, and no charge will be made for short notice cancellations due to these reasons.

Windows to remain partially down throughout all lessons to provide air flow. You may wish to wear warmer clothes depending on the weather conditions.

Lessons may be suspended due to a local lock down, or reported outbreaks in specific schools or workplaces, or if the instructor is advised to isolate due to the track and track system. Driving tests can currently be rescheduled at short notice at no cost due to COVID symptoms.

Test Procedures

All test waiting rooms and toilets are closed.
You and your instructor will meet the examiner outside in the car park.
Your instructor will be unable to accompany you in the car on the actual test.
Your instructor may not be able to hear the debrief  if social distancing cannot be maintained in the car park.
If you commit a serious or dangerous fault the examiner will direct you back to the test centre, terminating the test early. (Note the examiner will not tell you this until you have arrived back at the test centre)

I haven’t booked a driving test yet, should I?

Theory tests and driving tests are suspended in England from Thursday 5 November 2020 up to and including Tuesday 1 December 2020.

Your pupils should not travel out of England to take a driving test. If they do, they will not be allowed to take their test.

If you had a driving test booked in England during the second lockdown it will be automatically rescheduled.  Test slots for new bookings are showing as Feb and March 2021

What is happening with my driving test?

Booked tests will be rescheduled.

My theory test is about to expire?

Unfortunately the DVSA have consistently stated that theory tests will not be extended. In all likelihood this is partly because it will help reduce the waiting lists when practical tests resume.  You can book a new theory test before the expiry of your current theory certificate.

Any news for ADIs/PDIs?

DVSA are now accepting license applications and working through the backlog and issuing either badges or emails.

What about Part  2 / 3 and Standards Check etc?

Part 2 tests have restarted with the same terms as the L test – i.e returning to the test centre as soon as the candidate has failed. Part 3 tests and SCs are 45 minutes long and a complete beginner cannot be used. No news on ORDIT tests