Response Driver Training

We offer training for blue light users throughout the UK along with trainers for sickness/maternity cover.

Importantly, all our trainers are from an Emergency Services background and have driven under operational conditions. They hold instructional qualifications in addition to ‘Blue Light’ driving qualifications.

We have trainers with extensive experience of emergency driving across three main services. We can provide blue light training, or locum instructors to your specific tailored requirements. All our instructors have the ADI qualification to comply with the Road Traffic Act when delivering Category B training (outside of the police service). We only provide blue light driver training in line with legislation and national standards. We do not provide “1 day/1 week” blue light courses or training for individuals other than as part of an organisation.

We can also provide shorter Blue Light and Green Light training for the organisations entitled to use them that do not have a speed limit exemption.