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The New Part 3

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This is recreated version of this slide from a recent presentation at Cardington:

The new part 3 will be exactly the same in content as the current standards check.

There will be an ID check at the start which will require the candidate to present either a Driving License or Trainee License.

There will be no ID check on the Driver/Learner.

The Candidate will be required to sign an insurance declaration, in the mock up above I’ve just copied the DL 25 wording but it will be along those lines.

Log Book – The Candidate will be expected to produce a Log Book demonstrating that they have covered the syllabus in the national standard and the national standard for driver and rider training.

The format of this logbook is not mandated and it will be up to individual trainers to design.

This is to ensure that the candidate has covered the entire curriculum and is not just preparing for one type of lesson.

There should be an audit trail of subject areas, skills and number of hours training and dates etc as a reflective log.

(I will be making an XT Logbook available for download in the near future)

Trainer PRN:  The PRN of the trainer will also be recorded. This is to ensure trainers aren’t simply presenting candidates with the same type of lesson again and again, and to enable action to be taken certainly against ORDIT trainers and those who attempt to ‘cheat the system’, and trainers are being strongly encouraged to attend with candidates and sit in on test.

(To digress, this is a whole can of worms, ORDIT trainers are unlikely to attempt this in the first place and if they did then there are plans to kick them off the ORDIT register,   if you aren’t on ORDIT there’s a whole grey area around the integrity of the test and ‘fit and proper’ as an ADI, but you would be acting within the law and the regulations, never mind the fact you don’t even need to legally be an ADI in the first place to train someone for Part 3 and what if the PDI changes trainer half way through or attends in their own car or doesn’t want the trainer present?  – That aside the DVSA aren’t going to be looking too kindly on you if you are on the register and keep sending PDI’s along with an FLH to do a parallel park or a motorway lesson etc)


The DVSA will never tell what you, should or shouldn’t do as a subject area, as it’s up to you to ensure your lesson meets the competencies however:

Introducing a manoeuvre or carrying our a static lesson is strongly discouraged and may lead to a negative outcome

exactly as on the Standards Check, so read into that what you will.

Full License holder on a motorway lesson? “If the driver drives really well and the ADI/PDI doesn’t change the lesson plan to make it more meaningful and teach the driver something then it would lead to a negative outcome

ORDIT will still not be mandated at this stage. (And to be honest I doubt they’d ever get legislative approval anyway – there would have to be a compelling benefit to the public to mandate ORDIT and as the testing agency they are the ultimate gatekeepers as to who gets on ADI the register or not the trainers)