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Fog lights – some examples

By December 30, 2016January 9th, 2017Uncategorized

After my recent post on Headlight rules with respect to Fog  here’s some examples


Daytime Running Lights (For comparison – note there’d be no rear lights on and this isn’t a legal option)





Headlights and Front Fog Lights





Headlights only





Side Lights only (again for comparison purposes – this isn’t a legal option)





Side lights and Front Fog Lights.




Now I know you’re all probably thinking that the two headlight pictures look nice and bright, but in thick fog like that when you’re actually moving along often you’ll just end up seeing a big wall of “white” coming towards you, which gives you the same effect as snow blindness and increases driver fatigue.

As always experiment with the lighting configuration headlights and/or front fogs to determine what is optimum for you in any given situation.

When I can find somewhere to stand in front of the car without risk of getting run over I’ll take a few photos showing the differences from the front.