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TomTom Curfer

By September 2, 2016January 1st, 2017ADI's, Advanced, Learner Drivers

A review on PocketLine of the TomTom Curfer –  A niche device I’ve actually heard of in the past –

Gamification of driving: TomTom Curfer will deliver driving stats to improve your performance

Just to prove there’s nothing new under the sun, Tom Tom have now jumped on the OBD bandwagon –

In fact I’ve been trailing a device from AA called AA Connect for some time which basically does the same thing and is free (at the moment), and basic devices combined with Android app called torque have been able to display the same information for years for about £10 and slightly less accurate smartphone apps that also measure acceleration, braking, idling and cornering have also been available for years. (

(I occasionally use Torque combined with a second phone without a sim in it to display a second speedometer. Far more accurate than the GPS devices used by a lot of ADI’s as it displays the same data the driver is seeing from the same source.)

Of course given this age of electronic privacy you have to ask yourself who owns the data? 

Another thing to bear in mind – young drivers who the app is apparently aimed at  – given all the social media sharing facilities and badge collecting often use “Black Box” Insurance – And where does the “black box” fit? Yep that’s right –  in the OBD socket and you only get one socket in a vehicle.