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How much do driving lessons cost?

By August 21, 2016January 1st, 2017Uncategorized

Recent article from the Telegraph on the cost of driving lessons

Costs of the driving lessons

“There’s no minimum or maximum cost of an hour of driving tuition, nor are there any rules on how many lessons you need to take. But with an average price of around £25 per hour, and with with a government-recommended figure of 40 lessons before you attempt the test, it’s safe to assume an overall cost of around £1,000 for tuition alone.

The number of lessons you take will depend on the speed with which you learn. This can be affected by a huge number of factors, ranging from your mental state to the prevailing traffic conditions. If you learn mainly during rush hour, you’re likely to need several more lessons than someone who learns during quieter times on the road.”

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