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Learning with a older or younger instructor

By August 16, 2016January 1st, 2017Learner Drivers

Interesting Freedom of Information response from the DVSA:

1. The difference in learners pass rates when they learn with an ADI aged 25 or below, compared to an instructor aged 26+. For example; on average the ADI’s aged 25 or below have a pass rate of 61% and ADI’s aged 26+ have an a average pass rate of 59%.

2. The difference in ages of those instructors passing the 3 ADI qualifying process. For example: PDI’s aged 25 or below have a pass rate of 34% and PDI’s aged 26+ have a pass rate of 38%.

I understand this could be a lot of information to process, I would accept this information from the latest full reporting year for both. I would also accept the average to be taken from a random selected group to cut time and costs, for example 50 instructors aged 25 or below, and 50 instructors aged 26+.


The answers here and here

Suggest a very slight increase in pass rate with an older instructor

If you want to learn to drive in Worcester or Evesham give XT a call. Fortunately (or Unfortunately) we’re all over 26 though!