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Get insurance to practice between lessons or reduce the cost of insurance when you've passed your test

The more practice you get between lessons the less lessons you’ll need and the sooner you’ll be test ready. Unlike many companies we actively encorage you to gain experience between lessons.  You can take out short term fully comprehensive policies to allow you to practice between lessons in a parent or friends car. This is your own seperate policy and will not affect the vehicle owners no claims and when you’ve passed we can help with training that could reduce your insurance costs.

Young Driver and L driver insuranceImportant notes about insurance


Collingwood offer short term learner driver insurance so you can practice in your own or a parents car as well as cover when you’ve passed.


Marmalade offer short term learner driver insurance, named young driver insurance, and a no curfew black policy when you’ve passed your test. Make sure you quote XT Driver Training and your instructor.

My First UK

My First UK offer young driver, new driver and Learner driver insurance. Remember to quote XT Driver Training and your instructors name.

Pass Plus

The Pass Plus course consists of a minimum of 6 hours additional training after you’ve passed your test.  Check with your insurer to find out if the cost of the Pass Plus Course will outweigh any saving. Not all insurers offer a Pass Plus discount. The course is continally assessed, there is no test.


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and the Institute of Advanced Motorists offer advanced tests for £67 and £129 respectively (Prices correct at time of writing), which some insurance companies may offer discounts for.

  • Taking your test in your own car?  If you  are driving as a learner, as a named driver on another policy then you probably aren’t covered for the driving test or the drive home after the test when you pass. The reason is that legally on a driving test the learner is unaccompanied as the driving examiner is not a supervising driver. Should you pass the test you are no longer a provisional license holder but a full license holder, so the insurance cover which was taken out for a provisional driver is no longer valid.
  • Lessons in your own car? Where appropriate and agreed with your instructor we can deliver lessons in your own car. Some sources claim that because you are paying for driving lessons it counts as “Business Use” – We have never yet found this to be the case but we ask that you confirm with your insurance company that you are covered for situation.
  • Does the supervising driver need to be insured? Only if they intend to drive the car themselves, for example should you get ‘stuck’ in a situation and need to swap over with them.
  • Drive any vehicle? Many fully comprehensive insurance policies include a “Drive any vehicle” cover. This allows you to drive any vehicle not owned or registered to yourself. The cover is third party only and intended for short term or emergency use only, there needs to be a policy of insurance already on the other vehicle, it cannot be used for business use and usually doesn’t apply to policy holders under 25..
  • Fronting? This is when someone with a good driving record insures a car, claiming they are the main driver when it is mainly used by someone else such as a newly qualified driver. This is a form of insurance fraud and found out, for example in the event of a investigation after an accident then it may lead to the policy becoming invalid and difficulty or increased cost obtaining cover for both parties in the future.
  • If you have a black box policy (or any other policy) and are warned it will be cancelled, then you cancel the policy yourself before the insurer. If an insurer has cancelled or voided your policy this may also lead to difficulty or increased cost in obtaining cover in the future.

The information on this page is general advice based on our experiences. For specific advice on your exact requirements always contact your own insurer.
XT Driver Training has a referral scheme in place with the above insurers. Other providers are available. Always shop around for the best price for your circumstances.