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Christmas 2016 Book Releases

There are two books planned for release Christmas 2016 which will shortly be available for pre-order


Totally unrelated to driving, a long awaited expose into the management and quality practices within the British manufacturing sector, documenting the “Peter Principle” in action, and showing bullying, harassment and racism rife in the private sector, the effect of incompetence at every level of management has on a fictional business and the real value of MBA’s from lower tier Universities.

Meticulously researched over a period of five years, through the critical eye of an trained Police Investigator, and holder of a properly accredited MBA, this is an eye-opener to the Public, Government procurement departments, and ISO quality auditing bodies, into the true nature of the relationship been the auditor and the client, and exactly how deeply auditing is carried out, Invaluable advice to Managers of all SME’s and those who conduct business with them.

Tip – If your Manufacturing Manager keeps a copy of “Six Sigma for Dummies” on his desk it’s probably an indication that’s he’s not best suited to the role –  Likewise its not a good idea to suggest to the workforce they’re all finishing early on the last day before the Christmas Holidays as a special reward for all the work they’ve carried out that day, when they’ve all known weeks in advance that the CEO had already left instructions as to the closing time.


“How to Drive”

Written by one of the UK’s most qualified drivers, I share my 15+ years of experience, driver training at all levels from learner to ADI training, to emergency response driving. Learn the best practice techniques to keep yourself,and your children safe on the road.

Written for drivers at all levels, by one of an elite group of instructors qualified to teach high performance advanced driving on the public highway at speeds exceeding 155 mph,who has trained drivers at these speeds in total safety, covering hundreds of thousands of miles operationally and instructionally without leaving the road, never having a collision or causing one, never having a ‘near miss’ and not once activating the ABS.